BGB’s LGBT+ community.  Doing the work. Changing the business.

BGB’s LGBT+ community.
Doing the work.
Changing the business.

BGBe is an LGBT+ artist’s collective doing work by and for the LGBT+ community, supporting LGBT+ causes and helping the industry reflect a wider humanity.

Our LGBTQ+ actors are boundary-pushing leaders who have the courage to stand in their truth. We celebrate their unique voices, their deep artistry and their desire to make our Industry better.

In support of the LGBTQ+ community, we’re spotlighting our Proud LGBTQ+ actors, a few of whom have written some thoughtful, heartfelt pieces about their LGBTQ+ experience in the work and the industry

Briggon Snow – Recognizing Who I Am

Voices of Equality

On Pride. With Frankie Kraft



Check out Pride events happening all across the USA!


More Equality

Felipe Figueroa – Finding My (Rainbow) Voice

We did it. We took the leap and moved to a major metropolitan area where we could not only be artists but also live freely as our wonderful LGBTQ+ selves. We forged a career in the entertainment industry only to find ourselves getting called in and booking substantially less than a straight white male. If [...]

Michael Maize – A Heart of Pride

A heart of pride… gratitude… courage. We are here. June 2019. The 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. And I remind myself of the pride I have for being an independent, strong-willed gay man who continues to let down my walls of falsehood. I feel the gratitude for having the freedom to live the life [...]

Kenton Chen – Not Just Gay

Growing up in a suburban conservative town, there weren’t many queer role models for me to look up to. I remember listening to Rent and thinking, “Do I need to move to New York and start taking AZT?” My sexuality frightened me. A pastor’s kid and a child of immigrants, I faced a lot of [...]

Michael Maize – Truth Blazes

#truthblazes Truth. It is a very simple thing. A pocket of awareness that lies in the deep gut of our soul, our belly, our heart. This is not our conscience which tells us the “right” thing we should be doing throughout the day, but a further profound root at the edge of our current presence. [...]

Bianca Lopez – I Want The World To Know!

People assume I’m a straight woman about 99 percent of the time. Even my fellow LGBTQ brothers and sisters are surprised when they realize I’m married to a woman. Coming out to my family was relatively easy, but coming out to the world around me was a little harder, and navigating who I am on [...]

Doug Tompos – PRIDE

PRIDE. That word has always brought up a lot for me. I came of age at the beginning of the AIDS crisis and was immediately thrown into the horrors of the epidemic in NYC, and I felt a multitude of emotions, probably the least of which was pride. I had had a painful coming out [...]

Actors Needed

In times of tragedy, when a long-oppressed people are targeted by a warped mind determined to silence the beautiful expression of Pride for a community that requires it to survive in a heteronormative world, we are left wondering what can be done. What could an actor possibly do? Actors, and artists alike, have power.  In [...]

CELEBRATE LGBT. Now more than ever.

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The BGB Studio is celebrating LGBT and we are inviting you to join. Here are a few ways you can show your support.

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In addition, The BGB Studio is supporting an amazing organization that makes schools safe for LGBT+ youth. The Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network provides research and support to make schools a nurturing, inclusive environment for LGBT+ youth so they can learn, grow, and add their unique voice to the world.  GLSEN needs your help to continue their great work.

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