Championing Actors: A Casting Director Zoomfest

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-About The Talk-

We just talked via Zoom with an incredible, generous group of Casting Directors who are sharing challenges, open calls, and calls for reels via social media in order to be in collaboration with actors and keep their own artistry alive. We were so moved by what they had to say about the gorgeous, brave work they’re seeing from thousands of artists around the world. And we talked about what the landscape for CDs and actors looks like during the time of the coronavirus, how you can stay active + creatively engaged, and what shifts are sure to shape the Industry — now and in the coming months.

Erica Bream, Jason Kennedy, Ramani Leah, Seth Caskey, Cara Chute Rosenbaum, Andrea Bunker, Becky Silverman, Ryan Glorioso are all offering generously to artists everywhere in ways to bring their unique voices to our collective work right now. This is exactly what it looks like when we lean into our vulnerability and our art.

This special Zoomcast will bring inspiration and encouragement to artists everywhere.