Awareness. Compassion. Action.

BGB Community is where and how we reach out into our community to offer support to those in need. Giving is an essential part of our work as artists, giving back to our communities, giving generously and fully of ourselves, creating bonds locally and globally. It’s also where BGB artists share their creative growth and collaboration. Share with us as we expand our community outside of the Studio and into the world around us.


Past BGB Community Events

The BGB World Monologue Challenge

CALLING ALL CREATORS EVERYWHERE!! We are CHALLENGING you to join The #BGBWorldMonologue Challenge! Shoot a short Monologue as soon as you can, Post it, and help Raise $ for actors and artists in immediate need! All over the world people are self-quarantined, self-isolating, and sheltering-in-place. This includes artists of all types. Artists who have so […]

Immigrant March

Our BGB Community is filled with people who feel charged with making a difference and taking action in order to make a change. Along with taking part in volunteer opportunities, our BGB Community has been very active in the #Resist and #MeToo Era. This past March, BGB Actors Alex Hendrickson and Ana Parsons attended an [...]

Young Storytellers and Union Rescue Mission

Over the past few years, BGB members have had a steady involvement in helping out at Young Storytellers, a non profit which helps students realize the power of their own creative voice. By tailoring each program to fit the educational and creative needs of the students in each age bracket, Young Storytellers’ mission is to [...]

BGB & The Unusual Suspects

BGB proudly teamed up with The Unusual Suspects Theatre Company for their Page to Stage play, written by the incredible young women at Dorothy Kirby Detention Center. Over the past several months, these women have poured their hearts and lives out on the page with the help of Volunteer Mentors, and then gave our BGB […]

BGB Serving Together in Los Angeles

Thank you to the volunteers who show up early to serve breakfast, show up at rush hour times to hang out with children at the hospital, show up in the middle of the day to inspire students to write at Title 1 schools. It might feel small and we might never see the fruits of […]

End of the Year Reflection

They say giving back to your community is like paying rent to live on this earth. I had such a great time working with the young people of Young Storytellers. They remind me about joy, fun, and laughter. I’m honored to encourage them to use their voices and creativity. -Daisha One of my favorite things [...]

Your generosity matters!

This past June because y’all showed up big we were able to support Journey Out and Foster Love Los Angeles with a sweet supply of baby and family needs. Here’s a testimonial from the founder of Foster Love Los Angeles. This bundle went out to a military veteran mamma and super hard working dad with three kids […]

BGB CelebrASIAN & Reflection

May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. BGB artists reflect on identity, history and where we go from here.   As a child, I didn’t understand concepts such as race and ethnicity. I thought I was white until I was 10 years old, because that’s what I was surrounded by and what I saw in the media. When […]

BGB Community Spotlight: Dana Buchanan & Volunteering

The BGB community is not only made up of incredible artists who show up for the work in the class and on set, but also in the Los Angeles community. Here’s a word from one of our best – Dana Buchanan – on the BGB Studio and on volunteering:  “I have loved studying with and […]

BGB Community Spotlight: EAMF

For the last 9 months, BGB Studio members have volunteered with The Elizabeth A. MacDonald Charitable Foundation (EAMF), coming alongside siblings of seriously ill children. Here’s a testimonial from Natalie, the Executive Assistant at EAMF: “The Elizabeth A. MacDonald Charitable Foundation (EAMF) is spearheading a movement to bring invisible siblings of seriously ill children out […]

Nancy Ma Sleeps Out in Support of Homeless Youth

"After work, there was a bed. There was a bed waiting for me." "22 elementary schools. 12 foster homes. I came to Covenant House when I was 16." "I never grew up with emotional support so when he hugged me, I broke down." These are some of the testimonials from alumni of The Covenant House. [...]

BGB Community: Young Storytellers

Young Storytellers is a non-profit that provides public school students with an opportunity to write stories and see them brought to life on stage and in film. Our mission is to inspire young people to discover the power of their own voice. As part of the BGB community, The BGB Studio has been working with […]

AWRS (August Wilson Reading Series) at BGB 2017

“The Commonalities of all culture within the life I know best – which is black life, that’s who I am – I’m gonna express that.  That’s what I am – I’m gonna express that. That’s what I want my art to be about. This is the way we do things. We all bury our dead, we all […]

BGB Gives Back: Journey Out Awareness Walk & Community Fair

Survival. Hope. Freedom.    For 35 years, Journey Out has been fighting for the freedom and survival of those whose lives have been destroyed by sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation in Los Angeles. On Saturday, October 7, 2017, Journey Out had their annual walk and community awareness festival. BGB Studio actors not only participated in the […]

The Inspiration of Community

By Lauren Shippen When I walked into BGB over three years ago, uncertain and nervous about what I’d find there, I could never have anticipated just how profoundly the studio would affect my life. At first it was a place for me to stretch my wings; find my voice and learn to trust my instincts. The more [...]

BGB Gives Back – June 2017

Seeds of Hope – This past week, BGB actors spent time with Seeds of Hope, an organization dedicated to working with congregations, communities, and schools, to turn unused land into productive and beautiful gardens and orchards that provide fresh and nutritious foods to areas of need across the county of Los Angeles. “Volunteering at the garden […]

BGB Gives Back – April 2017

Hope Gardens – A few BGB actors hosted Game Time with the children at Hope Gardens – A Homeless Women and Children’s Facility here in Los Angeles. They played the old throwbacks – 7Up and Four Corners.  The kids created ice cream out of play-dough and danced hard on the Dance Dance Revolution machine. We were […]

How Actors can Change the World this Thanksgiving

Been a heck of a few weeks or so. For over a year, one half of the country has been screaming at the other half, respect has been scarce, friends and family have been pitted against one another. Lots of division and disconnection. Lots of big feelings swirling around. And as most actors are hyper-sensitive [...]

An Actor’s Case Against Trump

Throughout history it’s been the actor’s job to speak the truth, to “reflect the universe so that all may understand it,” as my first acting teacher used to say.  You get to the emotional core of life and then take action based on what you find there.  And taking action is an essential part of […]




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