Compassion Bags

Compassion Bags

By BGB Studio

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Thank you to everyone for your generous donations of Compassion Bags to Journey Out.

Journey Out does extraordinary work with homeless victims of sex trafficking and we’re grateful for our continued partnership with them.

As always, we were so moved by the generosity and support of our BGB Community.





Journey Out Emily“When I dropped off the bags, there was a young girl who was getting some basic toiletries from the Journey Out cabinets. These bags aren’t just going out there to this vague idea of a specific population. Every recipient of the bag has a face, name, dreams, and hope. It’s humbling we get to contribute a small part to Journey Out’s work.”

– Nancy Ma, BGB Community



Journey Out“Thank you for taking the time out of your day to make these girls feel just a little better. They get surprised that they are even able to choose a bag. It’s rewarding to see them leave with something of their own knowing they sometimes come in with nothing. Great feeling of being cared for. Really makes their day better.”

-Angelica Gomez, Case Manager, Journey Out


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