Continuing To Serve

Continuing To Serve

By BGB Studio

As BGB Community continues our service in partnership with St. Francis, we recently served breakfast and lunch to 174 guests at St. Francis Center.  Here is what some of our BGB members had to say about that morning!


It was so nice to volunteer at St. Francis. I’m so excited when an opportunity to volunteer pops up, because it reminds me how such simple actions can help create so much good. It was such a nice organization as well; I’m hoping to get back there in the upcoming weeks.
-Elise B.

I had a great time volunteering at St. Francis yesterday morning with the BGB Community! I’m 3 weeks in to living in Los Angeles and I am so excited and grateful that I have found, so quickly, an artistic community that cares so much about giving back.
-Millie L.

Yesterday evening, I participated in an actors’ panel and we were asked about what we do in between acting jobs. We responded unanimously: “We live.”  I feel extremely fortunate to pursue and build such a fulfilling career as an actress; but I also believe that it’s extremely important to participate in the world in other ways. And it’s even better if I can do it along with my Tribe!
-Vera C.

I had a pre-conceived notion of what homelessness is and I was way off… It’s  just ordinary people living their lives who made me realize I make my comparatively insignificant problems way bigger than they really are.
-James D.


To give back – along with the BGB Community – help us support Journey Out in making Compassion Bags HERE 

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