End of the Year Reflection

They say giving back to your community is like paying rent to live on this earth. I had such a great time working with the young people of Young Storytellers. They remind me about joy, fun, and laughter. I’m honored to encourage them to use their voices and creativity. -Daisha

One of my favorite things about being a part of BGB is the commitment to serving the community. By embracing our overall humanness we serve our art and something even greater. Whether it was phone banking for Katie Hill, teaching Zumba at Union Rescue Mission, mentoring through Young Storytellers, or volunteering at the children’s hospital with EAMF, I had a wonderful year of connecting with people and fellow BGBers, and serving something greater than myself. I’ve always wanted to make the world a better place with my art, but I don’t have to wait. I can make the world better right now! -Poonam

I couldn’t think of anything to write. It’s all inspiration! -Ana

This year was truly the transition from ‘just an actor’ to being an all encompassing filmmaker. I’ve found, through the BGB community that adding to my skill set doesn’t take me away from acting, it actually enhances it. Forever grateful to Risa Bramon Garcia for this lesson. -Chelsea

This has been a long, often hard year. It’s during times like these that community is more important than ever. Community reminds us we are not alone; we can lean on each other. From readings to phone banking to donations to showing up every week in class- it all matters. Doing the little things and showing up in small ways gives us a bigger and better perspective. Generosity, vulnerability and bravery are in our control.

Look at the 2018 year we had!!

Creating at the The BGB Studio

More than ever, we need to take control of our careers and of the stories that are being told. We are so grateful to have witnessed original work being created in our community.

“Hamlet’s Dead? or The Terrible Tragedy of Nick Bottom” Play by Michael Govier
“Isabel” Pilot by Remy Ortiz
“Bespoke” Pilot by Kate Hamilton
“Tennessee” Feature by Casey Nelson
“The Gospel of Matil” Pilot by Nancy Ma
“Sam Did It” Short by Dom Burgess
“Egg Day” Short by Grasie Mercedes
“Gay Baby” Short by Kareem Ferguson
“Suzanne and The Man” Short by Chelsea Gonzalez

Diving into the LA community

Part of showing up in our work is showing up in our neighborhoods. We had the opportunity to serve with a diverse group of non-profits addressing homelessness, foster care, sex trafficking, arts equity and youth.

Journey Out: performance at their annual awareness event and holiday drive!
Foster Love Los Angeles: an amazing summer Baby shower drive to support families with foster children
Baby2Baby: holiday drive!
St. Francis Pantry: serving breakfast to people struggling with homelessness
EAMF: hanging out with siblings of children at the Children’s Hospital
Young Storytellers: BGB members mentored 5th graders weekly and brought scripts to life
Covenant House Sleep Out: raising money for Nancy to sleep outside for youth struggling with homelessness

2018 Perseverance!

A heart of gratitude begets more gratitude.

Phone Banking for Katie Hill with Steve & Melanie, and guess who won the 25th District?!? Katie Hill!!
“Angels in America”- A Staged Reading, Produced by Michael Smith, Directed by Felipe Figueroa

Love and more love,

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