Improv at the Covenant House

Improv at the Covenant House

By BGB Studio

Two BGB Actors, Felipe and Nancy, help their community by leading a youth improv/acting class at The Covenant House. Here is what they had to say about their experience.

IMG_4463We had so much fun playing improv games and writing with the youth students at The Covenant House. They jumped into each of the improv exercises with excitement and no fear.  They shared their writing with no hesitation and generously share encouraging feedback.  

These students are brave, hopeful, creative, and they openly share their dreams and their struggles whether in the characters they create or in the poetry they write. One of the students who was in our first class two months ago, shared about her new job and the future opportunity to work as a PA. It was such an honor to rejoice with her! We have so much to learn from their openness and fearlessness!     -Nancy



When I was first asked to teach at the Covenant House, I was afraid.  Afraid the kids wouldn’t like me or that they wouldn’t be enthusiastic about what we were trying to teach. I think this is something so wonderful about BGB – getting involved in things that push you outside your comfort zone.  Nevertheless with each class we teach, I am MOVED when I hear the kids say things like, “It was so great to give my opinion on something. I didn’t even know what my opinion was because people never ask me.”

I recently heard a wonderful quote from a speaker, Marianne Williamson who said, “We are not only here to help and heal others.  They are here to heal us as well.”  I thought I was going to be giving them so much, but these kids have helped to  heal me beyond measure.      -Felipe 



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