Chelsea Gonzalez | The BGB Studio | Acting Classes in Los Angeles and Online

Chelsea Gonzalez

It seems that everyone in LA is constantly saying “Create your own work. Create your own work.” I didn’t know what that meant or even how to get started. Slowly, through classes at BGB, I started writing snippets of dialogue. Then scenes. Then entire short films. I started making my own work as a means of creating an acting opportunity for myself and ended with a whole new passion for storytelling that I never knew existed. It’s empowering. I can now call myself a filmmaker. My first time ever writing a scene was at BGB. My first time having two actors say my words was at BGB. My first time directing a scene was at BGB. Now I have fully transitioned from just an actor, to a creator and filmmaker and I have never been more fulfilled in my life. I own this change to BGB.

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