Lessons We Learned In Building Our Website

Lessons We Learned In Building Our Website

Lessons We Learned In Building Our Website

By Risa Bramon Garcia and Steve Braun

We spent close to a year building our new BGB STUDIO WEBSITE. Which came after a year building the previous version. We worked with 10 different website designers and builders, coders and IT people. We argued. We pulled our collective hair out. We spent more human hours and dollars on this than we could’ve ever imagined. And we finally made it. We’re here. We have a site we love. And even though we’re still working out the bugs, we’ve been able to make something that shares who we are, what we do, and what we care about.

So what did we learn? A lot. And we expect that many of the challenges you face in your career growth and your creative endeavors are similar to what we experienced with the evolution of our site.

Here’s what we realized:Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 12.13.50 PM

1.  There is no perfect.

This kind of endeavor is messy and full of challenges. It’s a real test of our ability to deal with disappointment, frustration, and often figuring out how to get out of our own way. It’s where we are challenged to find flexibility, compromise, patience, and empathy. It’s a test of our humanness. And who wants perfect anyway? It doesn’t really exist. Because when we create something, we’re building something out of nothing. We create something from our hearts, out of our need to communicate and affect others. And in that, whatever we aim to achieve will shift. If we allow for change, there’s growth. If we hold on too tightly, things break. If there is perfection, it’s in the process. Making something out of nothing- or rather out of our creative impulse, the seed of our vision- is the gift. That’s where true artistry happens.

IMG_92362.  Collaboration is just better than getting what you want.

We have a vision. We believe we share that vision with others. Sometimes it remains true, and sometimes not so much. In working on our site, we found ourselves holding onto the smallest, most inconsequential things. We held on tenaciously because we believed that each element was important. Sometimes it was, sometimes it wasn’t. When do you hold on, when do you let go? In the end, we have to remember that sharing a vision and collaborating- as well as having our vision realized in ways beyond what we first imagined- is the coolest thing. We get to let go of being right. We get to see things morph into a collective product. We get to be a part of something greater.

3.  You will lose your way. Remember your “why.”

When we imagine creating something, whether it’s a website or some writing, a film project, a piece of theatre… any creative endeavor, we are idealistic, excited, and full of hope. We believe that anything is possible and that it will all go brilliantly. And that’s as it should be. Then things get more complicated. Realizing a creative vision is challenging. And some days the challenging parts outweigh the good stuff. Some days we even lose our way. But being in the process of it can be incredibly exciting. If we can put the deadline and the moment of exhibition out of our minds, we can actually revel in creating this thing. We can get back to what genuinely excites us about the endeavor. And why we’re doing this at all. We had to move our site launch date more times than we care to admit. It was disheartening. But each new round allowed for more growth and better work. Each push challenged our resolve. It forced us to look at our mission and our core values. It demanded that we come back to our “why.” For us, it was creating a home online that reflected our hearts, our values, and the deep work we see happen in the Studio. A place that our entire community could call home. That’s what got us through the days when we wanted to throw up our hands and give up.

As we surrender to the process of discovery, and to whatever time it takes to get there- forgetting how and when the result will show up- it all becomes the incredible thing we wanted to begin with. In this endeavor we have to find compassion for ourselves and for each other. We have to rely on our sense of humor, and know that our our vision and our tenacity will serve us, if we keep perspective and keep coming back to our “why.” Our conviction, our clarity, and our wisdom are what separate us from those who give up or turn back. So we are finally here. At the finish line. One that never really ends by the way. And we embrace that too! Risa+Steve_somewhere

Be a part of our online Community. We built this for you. Hopefully you will get lost in here in a wonderful way, and connect with the spirit of The BGB Studio. The world we’ve created. The work and the fellow artists we love. Experience our Online Training Programs. Where we share the work in depth with you.

Immerse yourself in our Blogs, Podcasts, and BGB T.V. Read, listen, and watch the things that matter to us, that we believe, that we want to share with you. To support, guide, and inspire you. That is our mission.

Learn more about our revolutionary Classes and Workshops & Events. Dig in deeply. Set forth on a path to a richer and more fulfilling career. Coach with us. Enjoy your auditions. Take charge of your career.

Read The Testimonials from our incredible Community of actors, writers, and filmmakers, and share in their experiences.

Be a part of our BGB Community. Join with us on this extraordinary adventure!



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