The Thursday On-Camera Audition Intensive

Be bold. Dig deep. Audition with Power!

Class Details

Teacher:  Kyle Secor with guest BGB Master Teachers.

Dates:  Thursdays, January 30 – March 19.  8 weeks.

Time:  7-10 pm.

Ideal for:  Working actors looking to strengthen their audition practice. By application or invitation. There are no make-ups for this 8-week class. (Cancellation Policy)

Cost:  2 installments of $325. $650 for the entire 8-week program.

Now is the time to do the work that books work.

Are you able to walk into the audition room with ease, confidence, agency, being fully YOURSELF? Are you finding deep emotional connection in your work? Are you working with all cylinders firing?

If not…

The On-Camera Audition Intensive offers an approach to your audition work that separates you from the pack, and champion-level skills that let you manage the anxiety or fear that may be holding you back.

Over the course of this 8-week intensive, Kyle Secor (acclaimed actor) will be joined by 2 seasoned, passionate BGB Master Teachers, who will offer an array of tools and practices to dismantle your fear and bring you to your boldest, most authentic self, creating space for you to make your most truthful choices in your preparation and in the audition room.


The On-Camera Audition Intensive introduces you to a whole new way of experiencing your audition practice.

Kyle Secor has been doing this for a long time; he’s been a series regular a few times, he has been in every audition room in Hollywood, and he now also directs and writes. So he knows this work from all angles. Bringing his knowledge, experience, and wisdom to the work, Kyle will guide you to your most present, specific, and personal work so that you can bring your fierce talent directly into the audition room, and beyond.

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Your Teachers

The Work

In these 8 weeks, you’ll work mostly on-camera, deeply knowing who you are in any given scene. You’ll get looser, more specific, and bring your authentic voice to any material in the most immediate, present way possible. You’ll dig in each week, mining what’s unique about you and bringing your wonderful, specific point of view to your audition and on-camera work.

You will work with different material each week- some scenes you bring in, some are assigned. You’ll explore pieces from film and television scripts- in different genres and forms- from co-stars to leading roles, from mock auditions to self-tapes. You’ll get hard-core practical audition advice along with intensive on-camera practice every week. Your clips will be sent to you after each class via Dropbox to continue your exploration.

This class is not an audition or employment opportunity and there is no suggestion or guarantee of an audition or employment as a result of taking this class.

Actor Appreciations

A journey to becoming fully YOU in the room!

It’s time to bring the full force of your talent into your auditions.