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A video invite from Risa and Steve

When you’re enrolled in an ONGOING CLASS you get FREE classes, services, and products to support your career and take your growth to the next level. Along with a vibrant community of bold, talented artists with whom to collaborate. It’s all pretty exciting! 

Check out this partial list:

– FREE Meditation

– FREE access to our current online training & resources (including our Online Career Coach)

– FREE monthly class by and for Actors of Color (“Our Space” with Erik B. Anthony + Nancy Ma)

– FREE access to our BGB spaces for developing your work through readings and workshops

– FREE access to our extensive library of scenes & scripts (like, thousands of scenes & scripts)

– Volunteering and organizing opportunities that keep you connected in generosity and community

– Discounts on COACHING with Risa and Steve (Audition, Career, and Life) — Discounts on Qi Gong/Tai Chi and Self defense class with Steve — & Discounts on our brand new online products, etc, etc

-Access to discounts on selected acting adjacent limited-series classes while enrolled in an ongoing class. Email info@ for details!

-FREE Career coaching clinics with Risa during the year

Join our ongoing community of whole, happy, successful actors!

By choosing to train with us in an Ongoing class, you are part of a special community that cares for actors and offers the kind of extra value that leads to real growth.

If you’re already in an Ongoing class, your BGB Ongoing Community password will be sent to you when you sign up for the coming month.

If you’re not yet in Ongoing and want in- or want to return from hiatus- let us know by emailing us at or apply for an Ongoing class here!

Build your artistry and your career- in and out of class. Nurture your whole creative life. Feel the power of Community.

Access all the amazing stuff below with your Ongoing Password!

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