The Ongoing BGB Atlanta Workout

Do The Work That Books Work

Class Details

Teacher: Hayes Mercure

Dates: Tuesday evenings, 7-10pm. Weekly Ongoing class, 4x/month. (with FREE Yoga offered every Tuesday at 6pm)

Duration: This is an ongoing class with a recommended minimum three-month commitment.

Location: Nova House. 12800A North Druid Hills NE, Atlanta, GA 30329

Ideal for: For actors interested in securing a strong foundation in their on-camera work and audition practice. By application or invitation. (Makeup + Cancellation Policy)

Cost: $200/month for four classes per month.

To book work consistently and have the kind of acting career you dream of, you need to be practicing your art consistently in a place where you can take risks, go deep and get messy every week. You need a community of like-minded artists who push you, nurture you and give you access to an incredible depth of knowledge about the craft the and Industry.

The Ongoing BGB Atlanta Workout is that place. It’s a class for bold artists that gives you everything you need for success. Whether you’re looking to stay sharp between auditions and jobs, cultivate connection to an artistic community of working, Industry professionals, or rediscover the joy of the work you love, this weekly practice will motivate, challenge, and inspire you to reach new heights. It will always bring you back to the power of the work as your touchstone. Every week.


Take Command of Your ARTISTIC POWER.

Engage, Affect, Ignite

We must keep coming back to the work, staying true to the art that called to us once upon a time, took hold of us, and never let us go. We must keep that work alive, wherever we are. And we must find success in the work for its own sake, and make that our most meaningful job.

The Ongoing BGB Atlanta Workout is a revitalizing weekly workout designed to keep you razor sharp, push your boundaries, and awaken your unique artistry. Four times each month you’ll get to collaborate with fellow talented, committed actors and engage in intimate working relationships in order to affect each other on an emotional level, be affected, and create bold, unique choices from that place. You will cement a practice that you can take with you anywhere. And doing so, you will become an Artistic Leader.

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What You’ll Get

Join us for Ongoing BGB Atlanta and you’ll get:

  • A muscular weekly, ongoing workout with Hayes Mercure including one on-camera class per month (addressing self-taping, auditioning, on-camera ease, etc.)
  • Free weekly yoga.
  • Free career check-ins/coaching directly with Risa and/or Steve.
  • Monthly community volunteer opportunities to keep you focused on engagement, service, and generosity (three attributes that every actor must have.)
  • Free access to our entire library of online resources, programs, products, scripts, and more, including:
  • Our 3-in-1 10-Day Actor’s Challenge Bundle 
  • Our groundbreaking Audio Series, The BGB Career Coach
  • Discounts on ALL BGB products and programs

Your Teacher

The Work

In this ongoing workout class, you’ll boldly explore scene work and exercises rooted in BGB’s focus on presence, awareness, and bringing the full force of your unique experience in collaboration with the material. With Hayes, you’ll train surgical specificity, artistic flexibility so you can take any note a director gives you and adjust in a flash, and the kind of self-awareness that allows you to take command of your work, your career, and your life.

With Atlanta being a self-tape town, we one offer on-camera class per month- focusing on the moment, letting go of expectations, and bringing joy into your “audition” work. This consistent on-camera practice makes you a much more confident auditioner- in your self-tape work and beyond.

These days- in Atlanta, LA, NY, and everywhere- making your own work is imperative. The BGB Atlanta collective has formed a “creators lab,” focused on creating work- deepening your personal creative expression and empowering each other on your artistic and career journey.

This class is not an audition or employment opportunity and there is no suggestion or guarantee of an audition or employment as a result of taking this class.

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