Exercise Your Artistic Power. Every Week.

You need to engage in a constant acting practice to sharpen your artistry to an undeniable point. The Friday Daytime Workout is that training. Tim Conlon’s infectious passion for the work infuses this weekly acting exploration, making it an essential part of your acting life. Meisner exercises and scene work keep you in fighting shape and ready for anything this town can throw at you, building your audition muscles so that you can make bold personal choices instantly. Being able to prepare quickly and show up for anything empowers all of your acting work. And your life. 


Take Your Craft and Career to the Next Level

Dig deep, take risks, discover your superpower.

Tim Conlon’s brilliance and his commitment to bring out the best in every actor nurtures the kind of transformational growth that brings power to your craft and career. Every Friday Tim gives you the tools to express your unique voice and then sharpen it until it is undeniable.

This class maintains your rock-solid acting foundation while providing you with the tools to soar above it.  And The Friday Daytime Workout is especially offered on Friday mornings, a weekly workout that gives you the confidence, clarity, and practical skills to take your craft and career to the next level. 

The Details

Teacher: Tim Conlon
Dates: Fridays, 10:30am – 1:30pm. Weekly ongoing class, 4x per month.
Duration: This is an ongoing class with a recommended minimum 3-month commitment.
Location: The BGB Studio
10999 Riverside Dr., Suite 301
North Hollywood, CA 91602
Requirements: By application or invitation only.
(Makeup + Cancellation Policy)
Cost: $265/month for 4 classes per month.

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The Work

The Friday Daytime Workout is a robust weekly workout that keeps you creatively inspired, pushes your boundaries, and keeps you in the kind of shape required to be successful.  

Tim uses Meisner Repetition exercises, scene work, writing, and other practices to light your acting on fire and be a creative force.

Material comes from our BGB Library on Dropbox, along with scenes you find and/or write.

Join Tim and keep yourself deep in the essential practice of artistic leadership!

Your Teacher(s)
    TIM CONLONTeacher

    Tim Conlon was born in Sudbury, Ontario and has spent 20 years as a working actor in Los Angeles. Tim has appeared as a series regular on an number of series and recurred on PARTY OF FIVE, CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, and most recently THE MINDY PROJECT. He’s guest starred on countless TV episodes. Tim’s extensive background in improv, stand-up comedy and Meisner-based Techniques as well as his unique vision and communication style make him a dynamic teacher. Whether teaching comedy or drama, Tim focuses on an actor’s authenticity and flexibility. His knowledge of the craft- both theoretical and experiential- his passion for acting, and his deep desire for an actor’s growth electrify his class and his students.

    More on Tim here.


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Sharpen Your Unique Voice

Keep yourself deep in the practice of artistic leadership.