The Ongoing BGB Workout

Deepen your Practice.

Class Details

Teacher: Felipe Figueroa

Dates: Mondays, 6:30pm – 9:30pm. 

Commitment: This is a weekly ongoing class that meets 4x per month, every month.

Ideal for: Actors looking for a deep weekly workout in a consistent, long-term artistic practice. By application or invitation. (Makeup + Cancellation Policy)

Cost: $225 US/month for four classes per month (our current reduced rate)

Where: Online via Zoom at this time.

Engage, Affect, Ignite

The real measure of success in your career is your relationship to your creative experience – to the personal expression of your specific, strong, unique voice. In order to keep that alive, you must be in the work at all times, challenging every part of yourself, pursuing collaboration, and fostering inspiration. You need to be in a sustained practice where you can take risks, go deeper, get messy, and explore and express human connection.

The Ongoing BGB Workout With Felipe is a class for bold artists to do just that. And to support one another each week in the work. Whether you’re looking to stay sharp between auditions and jobs, cultivate connection to an artistic community, or rediscover the joy of the work you love, this weekly practice will motivate, challenge, and inspire you, raise you to new heights, and bring you back to the work as your touchstone. Every week.


The Ongoing BGB Workout With Felipe is a revitalizing weekly workout designed to keep you razor sharp, push your boundaries, and awaken your unique artistry. Four times each month you’ll get to collaborate with fellow talented, committed actors and engage in intimate working relationships in order to affect each other on an emotional level, be affected, and create bold, unique choices from that place. You will cement a practice that you can take with you anywhere.

And doing so, you will become an Artistic Leader.

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In this ongoing class, scene work- rooted in a strong and compassionate Meisner tradition- train your artistic flexibility and cultivate your ability to make swift, bold choices, guiding you to the kind of self-awareness that allows you to take command in all of your work. Along with that, you work on-camera once per month and explore a myriad of other practices- including improv, meditation, writing, shooting, creating work, and more- all designed to deepen your personal creative expression and empower you on your artistic and career journey.

This class is not an audition or employment opportunity and there is no suggestion or guarantee of an audition or employment as a result of taking this class.

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