The Work with Risa (+ Guests)

Come Back To The Work

Class Details

Teacher: Risa Bramon Garcia

Dates: Thursday evenings, 6:30 – 9:30pm. 

Commitment: This is an ongoing class that meets 4x per month, every month.

Ideal for: Advanced working actors looking for a strong weekly workout in a consistent, long-term artistic practice, also interested in creating their own work. By application or invitation. (Makeup + Cancellation Policy)

Cost:  $225 US/month for four classes per month (our current reduced rate)

Where: Online via Zoom at this time.

In this Industry, you’re asked over and over again to conform to a type, a brand, a breakdown.

You’re expected to learn eight pages of dialogue overnight, and to then walk into a room, showing your heart, only to be taped by a novice casting assistant for a project that isn’t even fully formed. You spend so much of your time waiting for the call to read or the call to be chosen. All of this undermines your artistry. And frankly, it’s a ridiculous way to spend your time as an actor.

The real measure of success is your relationship to your creative experience – to the personal expression of your specific, strong, unique voice. In order to keep that alive, you must be in the work when you’re not on a job.

You need to be in a sustained practice where you can take risks, go deeper, get messy, find and express human connection.

You need a weekly workout that will get you in shape, make you a happier actor, and help you book work.

The Work is that deep and practical weekly practice for working actors looking to stay sharp between auditions and jobs, to stay connected to the joy of the work, and to create work out of that inspiration.



We believe that the bold expression of your unique emotional truth allows all of us – casting directors, directors, producers and regular folks all over the world – to feel the deep, human connection that is essential for a meaningful, creative life.

We believe that achieving career success comes when you surrender yourself to this bold expression.

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The Work We Do

The Work is the work is the work. In any room, on any stage, on any set. We must keep coming back to the work, staying true to the art that called to us once upon a time, took hold of us, and never let us go. We must keep that work alive, wherever we are. And we must find success in the work for its own sake, and make that our most meaningful job.

The Work is a practical opportunity to roll up your sleeves and dig into all sorts of material, exercises, and practices. To explore ways of accessing your rich emotional life and to be able to make specific, truthful choices with ease. To create new work together and bring that work to life. To engage with each other and to take each other to deeper and higher places, under Risa’s guidance.

The Work will be off-camera, occasionally on-camera, and will involve different kinds of material, formats, and practices. Scene work of all kinds, Meisner work, improv, meditation, Alexander, writing, shooting, creating work, and more. 

Thursdays, 6:30-9:30 pm, 4x month.

This class is not an audition or employment opportunity and there is no suggestion or guarantee of an audition or employment as a result of taking this class.

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