Pilot Season Takeover

Our industry is changed. Antiquated power structures are shifting, sometimes tumbling town.  From here on in the work and the way the work is processed will will be different.

From here on in, Pilot Season will be different.

So it’s time to rethink it all. It’s time to kill your old expectations.

Expectations are dangerous. Whether or not you’ll be auditioning a lot this pilot season, it’s a time of expectation, when “dreams come true.” And because of that expectation, it can bring ulcer-inducing anxiety and a reminder that your whole world is dependent upon someone or something else.  You’re powerless. So Pilot Season ends up being three months of panic as you wait for Pilot Season to happen to you… or not. You wait to be validated or invalidated. You give up your powerand hope for the best. And it leaves you feeling anxious, worthless, powerless. But all that shit- the waiting, desperately hoping, needing them to love you- that’s the old way. Now more than ever, success will only happen when you stand up, speak up and show up, unapologetically with your power.


 So what if you redefined what Pilot Season was for you this year? What if you moved through Pilot Season with your power? What if you just decided that from now on every year between mid-January and the end of March you are going to take action, create something bold, from your heart, and follow through on an artistic goal?  What if you just decided that, outside of the antiquated model of Pilot Season, mid-January to March will always be a time of unprecedented creating, of acting all the time, whether or not someone gives you permission to act? What if you were able to respond to the question, “How’s your Pilot Season going?” with a hearty, “Fucking Great!”, anytime someone asked because you were deep in the work? And what if all of that made it so that when the industry did come calling you were in the kind of championship artistic shape that one gets in when one is creating that much? What if it meant that you were practicing the kind of leadership that makes you walk into an audition room with power?

It’s all possible. It’s all in your control. Now more than ever you can’t be a victim of Pilot Season. You have to make the choice to double-down on your craft, to be an artistic leader and make your own work or collaborate with other people who make theirs.  There’s no other way now. 

Now is the time to not take shit from anyone in the industry.  It’s time to push back with the work you do.

Waiting is for suckers, for victims who have no power. But this year, you’re taking yours.

It’s time to take back Pilot Season. To take ownership of it. This year, it’s yours.

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