Audition Success Requires a Revolution

To book work, you must let go and let your unique artistry propel you into the room like a conquering hero. Questions like “what do I wear?”, “where do I look?”, “should I sit or should I stand?”, are the questions of an amateur.

Audition Champions let the work affect them, have a strong point of view and make bold choices that are guided by their well-tuned instincts. And after doing that work, they walk in the room and boldly offer their work with muscular generosity.

The Audition Revolution is an 8-Week class that features rigorous on-camera audition work with a casting director in the room, empowering mock auditions that help you dismantle the audition process, self-tape execution and mastery, how to effortlessly take direction (and execute it truthfully) and create a positive booking mindset. The Audition Revolution is the class that forever changes how and why you audition.

It’s our mission to offer humanity to an Industry and process that’s often void of it. 

Join our Audition Revolution and bring the full force of your talent into the room!

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