Improv For The Audition

A immediate and powerful way to take ownership of your auditions!

Class Details

Teacher: Will Doughty with Dom Burgess. 

Dates: Wednesdays, July 10th – August 28th. 8 weeks. Sign up now as this class fills fast!

Time: 7 – 10 pm.

Requirements: An open heart and mind. By application or invitation only. There are no make-ups for this 8-week class. (Cancellation Policy.)

Cost: 2 installments of $299.50.  $599 for the entire 8-week program.

There’s that word. Improv.

It’s a buzz word in the Industry. Maybe it makes you cringe. Maybe it makes you sit up with excitement. Either way, improvisation is a “must have” skill for every actor today. More and more Improv is being used on set for TV and film, comedy and drama. Here’s some good news, you know how to improvise.

Improv isn’t merely a way to be funny or clever or witty. There is SO much more to it!

Improv is an immediate and dynamic process to truthful expression. You… speaking truthfully and spontaneously in any given circumstance. That is the skills of an improviser. That is the mark of a master actor. They achieve the same goal. Improv takes the unscripted path to being honest and present in your work. Improv is also a hugely powerful tool with which to explore and prepare for any audition- no matter what the genre or tone. Improv provides you with a sure-fire way to be present and fully connected to your wonderful impulses.

And that’s what is necessary in any audition: Presence. The ability to listen and respond in real time, trust your instincts, and bring yourself to the story. It’s your secret weapon in any audition room, on set, and on stage.

In Improv for the Audition, led by BGB Master Teacher and Improv Master, Will Doughty, you learn how to practice Presence in a revolutionary way. Through Will’s unique and brilliantly effective approach to improvisation as a dynamic audition tool, you will lean hard into truthful, personal, deep, imaginative play- in your preparation, in the audition process, on and off camera. This is unlike any process, “technique,” or skills you’ve learned before. 

Improv for the Audition is a game-changer for actors; It is your secret weapon to revealing your truth and setting your auditions free!


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The Work

The focus of the class will be in integrating effective Improvisation tools into your prep and audition, on and off camera, no matter the world of the play.

In this class you will find:

  1. Permission to play with your audition preparation.
  2. Enhanced confidence on camera in the audition room.
  3. Inspired imagination to explore the full life of the character.
  4. Purposeful focus in the room and on the reader.
  5. Freedom to speak (as your character) with your authentic voice.
  6. Acutely improved active listening during the audition.
  7. Practical tools to keep from “feeling stuck” in performance.

You will be provided with material as well as bring in scenes, and you’ll create work in class.

Read more from Will in his latest Blog: How Improv is Your Secret Weapon for Auditions

This class is not an audition or employment opportunity and there is no suggestion or guarantee of an audition or employment as a result of taking this class.

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