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The actor’s work is one of creativity, growth, and perseverance. And to book jobs and have a television and film career, you must do all that work on-camera. You must fit that bold creativity into what can often feel like a box, a limiting structure which can leave you feeling isolated, confused, or frustrated.  The On-Camera Actor’s Journey offers tools for weaving powerful creativity, deep self-awareness, an unabashed commitment to doing the work, and radical self-care into every stage of your work on camera. By honing your preparation, your authenticity, and genuine human connection, you can transform your on-camera work in auditions and on set into learning experiences that both invigorate and inform your long-term creative path.

Replace people-pleasing with empowered choice-making. Replace desperation with soul-driven purpose. Where fear has taken you away from your inner self, you can breathe and allow fear to bring you closer to the level of work you want to do, and closer to the humanity of each character and the power of each story.  The camera can (and will) become a structure within which you flourish. 


The Actor’s Journey

A workshop of impassioned discovery + collaboration.

Actors are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed, but there is an important lesson there- learning where to put your energy and where not to put your energy. Success as an actor is not just a matter of will! You must be a leader, you must be unique, and you must know that your work is essential to the process and the Industry, and you must be fully committed to the real work needed to achieve success; it may not be what you think…

Acting is doing. In 8 weeks, you can learn to develop new work habits that can improve the effectiveness of your preparation, your choice-making, and your follow-through. And this work can inspire you in mind, body, and spirit. You will work every week, letting go of left-brain (analytical) ideas; instead entering a creative process that can be integrated into your day to day practices. Increase the amount of authenticity you bring to each moment- on-camera and off- through the practice of trust.

In this class you will deepen your work, reconnect you with your joy in the process, pinpoint where and how you must specify and clarify your choices, and bring all of your gorgeous unique talent into the audition room, your self-tape, and any work you do on camera! It will guide you to take care of yourself in the journey of your work as a committed actor. It will free you from what’s in your way and take you back to your undeniable creative power.

This 8-week class- for working actors auditioning with regularity- shows you how to step boldly into the light of your unique artistry and burn the audition room to the ground with your talent.

The Details

Teacher: Corey Parker, Risa Bramon Garcia, and more.
Dates: Next round coming soon.  Sign up now as this class fills fast!
   11am – 2pm. 8 weeks.

The BGB Studio

10950 Burbank Blvd.

North Hollywood, CA 91601

Ideal for: A desire and willingness to get back to the work you love. For working actors. By application or invitation. There are no make-ups for this 8-week class. (Cancellation Policy)
Cost: 2 installments of $325. $650 for the entire 8-week program.

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The Work

You will be guided through your 8-week journey by our amazing BGB Master Teachers, Corey Parker and Risa Bramon Garcia (and more) addressing the issues that may get in the way of your most connected work:

  • being “in your head”
  • needing to “get it right”
  • hoping to “please” the casting director and decision makers
  • worrying about the lines
  • working in a bubble
  • wanting the audition tips and tricks
  • facing the resistance that comes up around auditioning and the camera

Learn how to launch into any piece of material with the confidence needed to make bold, personal, specific choices, no matter what the scene or how much information you have about it.

Find your own beautiful, unique voice in every moment. Be ready for anything a casting director might throw at you. Stay loose, be present, and embrace adjustments! Take total ownership of your work by getting present, getting personal, getting connected. Navigate the treacherous waters of your mind to become a champion.

Your work will be on-camera for a large number of classes, but not exclusively. You will work from a variety of material sources, some that you bring in, some that is assigned. You will journal and engage in mindfulness practices to ground yourself. You will also prepare a self-tape and have the chance to watch all the clips from class. All in service of the ease and power required to show up, on-camera and off!

This class is not an audition or employment opportunity and there is no suggestion or guarantee of an audition or employment as a result of taking this class.

Your Teacher(s)

    Corey Parker, an acclaimed actor in his own right, has trained actors on and off Broadway, on TV, and in film for 20 years. He has coached Patrick Dempsey, Sean Combs, Annaleigh Ashford, Scoot McNairy, and many more. Corey studied with Uta Hagen and worked under the direction of Herbert Berghof in three productions at the HB Playwrights Foundation. Corey is a lifetime member of the Actors Studio and the Ensemble Studio Theatre. He worked with the Steppenwolf Theater Company and has appeared on stage at the Public Theater in NY where he worked with Joseph Papp, at Circle Rep where he worked with Lanford Wilson, at the St. James, the American Place, and the Mark Taper Forum, among others. He’s also worked extensively in film and television. Corey has taught at numerous studios, including HB Studio. He has taught for Susan Batson in New York and L.A., at Rhodes College, the University of Memphis, and the list goes on. He currently teaches regular classes in Nashville and Memphis, and whenever we can get him to join us at BGB in Los Angeles.

    More on Corey here.

  • -Risa Bramon Garcia-
    -Risa Bramon Garcia-Coach/Studio Founder

    For the past 4 decades Risa has collaborated with the most groundbreaking artists in the world. She’s worked (and continues to work) as a director, producer, casting director, and teacher. Having directed two feature films, 200 CIGARETTES and THE CON ARTIST in Canada, she has also directed television shows and dozens of plays in New York & Los Angeles.

    Her casting résumé includes more than 100 feature films, TV shows, & plays, including movies such as SOMETHING WILD, DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN, ANGEL HEART, FATAL ATTRACTION, JACOB’S LADDER, BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY, JFK, THE JOY LUCK CLUB, TRUE ROMANCE, SPEED, TALK RADIO, and FLIRTING WITH DISASTER, as well as serving as a producer on Oliver Stone’s NATURAL BORN KILLERS, and THE DOORS, which she also cast.

    She’s cast numerous TV shows and pilots, including ROSEANNE, MASTERS OF SEX, THE AFFAIR, and more.

    Risa is the co-founder of The BGB Studio, her artistic home.

    More on Risa here.

  • Olivia Cuartero-Briggs
    Olivia Cuartero-BriggsTeacher

    Olivia Cuartero-Briggs is an award-winning screenwriter and playwright, currently enjoying a career writing and developing for both television and comic books. Briggs earned a bachelors degree with honors from Oberlin College, and an MFA from Tisch School of the Arts, Asia. Recent credits include staff writer for THE ARRANGEMENT on E!, writer/consultant for E! Marketing, writer/creator of the PEAKED IN HIGH SCHOOL web series, writers’ assistant on CRIMINAL MINDS: BEYOND BORDERS on CBS, and writer of RONNIE’S CABINET, winner of the Thespis Theater Festival prize for Best Original Play. Other awards include The Flint Film Festival’s Best Screenplay Award, The Jane Chambers Student Playwriting Award, and in 2014 Briggs was a finalist for the Austin Film Festival’s AMC One-Hour Pilot competition. Briggs currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband and daughter, and her first comic book series will be hitting shelves this spring!


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