Punched in the Gut by the Industry


The Industry has kicked our asses. Many times. We have run full speed, full of hope, against what turned out to be a brick wall. And then got back up to take another running start at it. But we’ve succeeded a lot. Often because of those brick walls. We’ve worked with the best of the best, sipped the champagne on the red carpet with the fancy people, and had the Industry pay a lot of bills.

But through it all- all the elation of success and lessons of defeat- we were always left wanting more. It took a second, but eventually we realized that the only thing that left us fully satisfied was the work. And that realization was huge.

It’s why we started this Studio just a few years ago. The highs and the lows of the business can never match the satisfaction of the work. So we carved out a space where we could feel that satisfaction daily, without limits, alongside other passionate artists who, like us, need to be in the work so that they can feel like whole human beings AND pursue the the Industry success they desire. A gym, a community, a beehive of the Industry. We built this Studio to immerse ourselves in the work we love.

This is our story. Who we are. How we got here. What matters.

Join a class now.

Join us in the work we love.

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