Staged Reading: Three Part Disharmony

What are the repercussions of an innocent man of color being stopped by the police, the contents of his bag thrown out all over the sidewalk and then, after being confirmed as innocent, left to collect his belongings from the sidewalk all because he supposedly fit the profile of a criminal?

On November 4th we were honored to have  Actor/Writer/Director L. Trey Wilson read his incredible one-act THREE PART DISHARMONY along with actors William Christian and Kareem Ferguson.  

The powerful play about three African American men’s experience with the police is touching and thought provoking and serves to both heal wounds and provide clarity on race, privilege, the police, and how they all interact.

The short piece is designed to create a dialogue and it did just that in Studio A.  Men and women of color shared their experiences with police, others people expressed sadness, and a deep desire for change and a Sheriff’s Deputy, a man of color, offered his thoughts from the perspective of law enforcement.

We didn’t solve race relations in America but THREE PART DISHARMONY is an amazing example of how art can offer understanding, ease pain, and connect seemingly disparate people by showing each of them their common humanity.

A huge thank you to Trey, Bill, Kareem, and the members of the audience for being a part of an essential dialogue.



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