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“The kind of characters I hope to be able to create in my career have really strong points of view and really strong voices. I felt that a podcast was a powerful way for me to hone in on what my voice is, what’s special about my voice, what IS my point of view? It’s helped me to understand what I bring to the table, so I can stand confidently, and then bring what I bring to that table to auditions and to the work.”  -Audrey Moore


SEASON TWO Episode 21 – The Audrey Moore Hustle

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Show Notes

Risa and Steve sat down with Audrey Moore, a passionate artist, popular podcast host, and actor’s advocate. She has an incredible focus and discipline in how she engages in the business of acting, as well as her craft, and she’s here to share her journey. Listen in to this juicy talk about what it means to be a story ninja, how to normalize the audition experience, the importance of developing a consistent and practical practice, and the origin story behind her hugely renowned podcast AUDREY HELPS ACTORS! Our question to you after listening: What is your devoted and passionate practice? 



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Audrey Helps Actors Podcast

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Audrey Moore is a working actor with credits that include her series regular role in the Netflix show GODLESS as well as many recurring and guest appearances on BETTER CALL SAUL, LUCIFER, THE OA, CASTLE ROCK, and many, many more. Audrey also hosts a hugely popular podcast, AUDREY HELPS ACTORS in which she talks with other working actors and Industry experts about the struggles and opportunities of being a working professional. 

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