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“Once I encourage the actor to further explain in detail where she’s comfortable being touched, she feels the feeling of taking care of her scene partner. I love how clear that is. That then prepares people to jump into these kinds of scenes and explore within these restrictions that actually make them feel more free, the same way that having lines can often be more free than improvisation.”  -Mia Schachter


SEASON TWO Episode 24 – Getting Intimate with Mia Schachter: Sex, Consent & Nudity On Set

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Show Notes

In this episode, Risa and Steve talk with Mia Schachter- one of Hollywood’s top intimacy coordinators- about their role in the Industry + how actors can advocate for themselves in any situation with regards to intimacy, sex, nudity, and consent of all kinds. Whether choreographing sex scenes, negotiating nudity riders, or simply having the backs of actors on set, Mia discusses what they actually do (and you’ll find this as fascinating and necessary as we did), along with their background, the challenges around creating safe sets, what they do to help actors feel safe and empowered, and how they see the future of film and television- and acting- in regards to intimacy, boundaries, and facilitating the kind of freedom necessary for artists to dive into creating their deepest, most vulnerable work. This is a vital conversation for all actors and Industry professionals, and we want to hear from you on what speaks to you from this discussion! 


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Broadway World: Mia Schachter Keeping It Safe at THE WILD PARTY

Mia: IMDb + IG + Website

Mia Schachter was born and raised in Los Angeles and returned in 2018 after working in theater in New York City for nearly ten years. Their background in theater, dance, casting, gender studies, and neuroscience informs their work. Their educational background includes a BA in Philosophy from Columbia with an emphasis on ethics and identity. Working for networks like HBO, Netflix, and Freeform, Mia’s job is to attune to the needs of actors and directors with scenes that include simulated sex, nudity, and sexual content, in order to make sure that everyone is emotionally and mentally safe on set, while helping showrunners and directors achieve their creative vision. They work with actors, directors, writers, producers, legal teams at studios and networks, costume and make up designers, and production crews, negotiating everything from sex simulation choreography to nudity riders, to providing emotional support to actors in intimate situations. Just like a stunt coordinator, they help make scenes look real and stay safe.

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