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“There’s so much encouragement in our culture- and in this culture of Hollywood in particular- of acquisition being ‘the thing.’ You get, you deserve, get out there, you work hard, you do it… none of that communicates love to a child. Because you have to learn to give yourself away. And that’s where your abundance lives, ultimately.”  -Eddie Cahill


SEASON TWO Episode 26 – Doing It All: Career, Art & Parenthood

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Show Notes

Risa and Steve sit down with a dynamic group of actor-parents- Heather Brooker, Eddie Cahill, Anna Silk, and Cate Cohen- all with extensive and varied careers – to talk about what it means to be a parent while navigating their artistic careers & the Industry. They discuss their journeys, their challenges, their joys, their big realizations- and how parenting has not only deeply informed their acting, but how acting has made them much better parents. We love this talk and hope it brings you new clarity and wisdom, as it did for us.

Note: Parenthood has been hugely challenging during Covid, and we offer all actor parent our deep empathy, support, and love!


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