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“What is it like to be in the consistent practice of honoring your artistic voice? It’s not just artistic happiness and fulfillment (which is huge in and of itself), but the ability to be on the top of your game — being in an of the work consistently — so that there is a tangible pay off, without always looking for a payoff. That’s the key.” – Risa Bramon Garcia


SEASON TWO Episode 28 – The Practice That Leads To Success

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Show Notes

We’re sharing a special conversation Risa + Steve had on a recent IG LIVE that has become a fantastic podcast episode about Practice! Here we go deep into what kind of practice you need to cultivate in order to book jobs, to rekindle the joy your work, and to have the confidence you’re looking for to meet this amazing and challenging career path you’ve chosen for yourself. Listen in and see what aligns with you as well as what mindset shifts you might start to make to solidify a practice for your career, for your art, for your life.

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