The Audition Revolution Thursday

A Blueprint for Audition Power

Class Details

Teacher: Cate Cohen and guest BGB Master Teachers Risa Bramon Garcia & Will Doughty.

Dates: Thursdays, June 20th – August 15th. (OFF July 4th.) 8 weeks.

Time: 7 – 10 pm. 

Ideal for:  A willingness to revolt, to turn what you know about auditioning on its head, come back to the beginning, find your power, and move forward with freedom. This class is for experienced actors who want to up their on-camera game. By application only. There are no make-ups for this 8-week class. (Cancellation Policy.)

Cost: 2 installments of $325. $650 for the entire 8-week program.

The Revolution begins. And it starts with you.

The Audition process can suffocate you. Your rent, your health insurance, and the very invalidation of your life choices are at stake every audition. And left unchecked, your fear makes you stray from your talent, your discovery, your joy- the stuff that books work in the first place. Your work begins to narrow and over time your artistry dies.

You have to PUSH BACK, so you can bring your talent- all the fragile vulnerability, all the limitless power- directly to that suffocating process and give it all air. What’s required is nothing short of an Audition Revolution.

And that’s exactly what we’re offering.

The BGB Studio’s 8-week Audition Revolution brings you to the electric acting work that makes the hair on your neck stand up… AND right to the limiting audition process. We show you how to marry the two, and how to find space in every audition to do the kind of work that books work.

From on-camera audition work with a variety of material and genres, empowering mock auditions that help you dismantle the process, self-tape execution and mastery, to ways in which to effortlessly take direction and create your booking mindset, we take you back and forth from the cold, hard audition room to the freedom you find without that pressure-cooker, so that you learn to work authentically and freely in any room and with the camera, instead of for it. This is the beginning of a long-term practice that forever changes how and why you audition.

It’s time to give up the anxiety, the fear, and the regret that you have about auditioning.

The Revolution is now. And it starts with you.


The Audition Revolution Thursday
Everything changes the moment you apply.

Limited enrollment.

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Your Teachers

The Work

Find your own beautiful, unique voice in every moment of your audition. Learn how to be ready for anything a Casting Director might throw at you. Take total ownership of your audition by getting present, getting personal, getting connected. Unleash your power through improv for the scripted audition. Navigate the treacherous waters of your mind to become an audition champion.

With the guidance of Cate Cohen (recurs on GROWN-ISH, JANE THE VIRGIN, SILICON VALLEY) and other BGB Master Teachers, you will mine the real keys to audition success: getting really specific and making bold, personal choices using any text, no matter how much information you have about it. Being “interesting” and being “right” means being uniquely “you.” In the end, that’s what every creative team is looking for – YOU. So let’s find YOU in all this.

Your work will be on-camera for most of your classes, but not exclusively. Your recorded work will be sent to you via Dropbox to view after class. You will work from a variety of material sources, some scenes you bring in, some that are assigned. All in service of the ease and power required to show up in auditions, both on-camera and off!

This class is not an audition or employment opportunity and there is no suggestion or guarantee of an audition or employment as a result of taking this class.

Actor Appreciations

Let The Revolution Begin!

It’s time to bring the full force of your talent into the room.