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The Pilot Season Playbook


Three Audios Full of Actionable Pilot Season Intel + Our Creative Calendar.   A Proven System to Kick Ass This Pilot Season.


Like it or not, Pilot Season is around the corner and as the entire town throws itself into the whirlwind of industry insanity, actors like you must prepare. Whether you expect to audition 3 times a day for 3 months or not at all, we know that success during this insane time is possible. But first you’ll need to throw out your idea of what Pilot Season is.

To kick ass this Pilot Season you have to know all the trade secrets- headshots, agents, self-tapes, studio and network tests, the subtleties of the audition process- AND get past the poisonous, frenetic energy that rages through the industry, wreaks havoc on your self-esteem and kills your talent. It’s not easy. But success is possible.

The Pilot Season Playbook with Risa Bramon Garcia and Steve Braun shows you how. Let us show you the path to a successful and profitable Pilot Season AND give you the tools to be a whole and happy actor.

Enter 2018PSP35 upon Checkout for 35% off
until Midnight tonight!

The Pilot Season Playbook Details

Lead by: Risa Bramon Garcia and Steve Braun.

Ideal for: A readiness to take command and do it differently.

Location: Your computer or device from anywhere in the world.

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After seeing 6,000 actors come through our doors this past year alone – auditioning, coaching for pilots, attending class – we have put together The Ultimate Pilot Season Guide.

What You Get

3 hour-long instructive and illuminating Audio classes, worksheets, tutorials, and the BGB Studio’s own Creative Calendar, culminating in a live Q&A phone session with Risa and Steve.

Audio 1

What will Pilot Season 2018 look like?

  • Find out what networks and studios want from actors this year and why?
  • Learn how self-taping has changed the audition process this Pilot Season. And how to self-tape to get the role.
  • Hear how this year’s trends will affect how many auditions you have.

Audio 2

How To Get Seen and Book Work This Pilot Season

  • Learn how pilot season auditions are different than other auditions (And yes, they are!)
  • Agent-less? Find out how to be part of Pilot Season anyway.
  • Get first-hand advice about what you need to do to book work in the audition room.
  • Use our sample audition scenes to see if you’d make the kind of choices that book pilots.

Audio 3

How To Be A Whole and Happy Actor This Pilot Season

  • Get practical tools to keep you sane and engaged in your work.
  • Get the tools to quiet the inner-critic and focus on what really matters.
  • Engage in writing exercises that will help you rediscover the power of your acting talent.
  • Learn the Pilot Season secrets that can keep any actor happy.



Risa and Steve are on the ground, casting pilots and coaching actors who are booking pilots. Get them in your corner!  You can take part from anywhere in the world!

Risa Bramon Garcia

For the past 35 years Risa’s worked consistently as a director, producer, casting director, and teacher. Having directed two feature films, “200 Cigarettes” and “The Con Artist,” she has also directed for television and dozens of plays in New York & LA. Her casting résumé includes more than 100 feature films, plays, and TV shows, including Roseanne, Masters of Sex, The Affair, Seal Team, and dozens of pilots. This is Risa’s 22nd Pilot Season. Check out more here for Risa’s Bio.

Steve Braun

Steve Braun is a husband, father, actor, acting coach and communication consultant. He has trained martial arts for 20 years, a journey that has taken him from the ego-driven external pursuit of being a bad-ass to the powerful internal pursuit of conquering himself through Meditation and Qi Gong. His clients include actors from The Newsroom, Transparent, Mad Men, Homeland, Dexter, True Blood, and many more. Check out more here for Steve’s bio.

The Benefits of Participating

You’ll get up-to-date, on the ground Pilot Season intel.

You’ll find out what kind of work books you pilots.

You’ll learn the Secret to Pilot Season Success.

You’ll figure out how to come out of Pilot Season feeling whole and fulfilled.

You’ll also join Steve & Risa for an in-depth LIVE TALK in early February when you can ask questions, share what you’ve learned, gather final insights, solidify your plan, and celebrate this incredible journey together.
Take command of YOUR Pilot Season.

Your Pilot Season Prep Starts Now. Get in the Game. Get ready!

Get everything you need for Pilot Season.