Up, Up and Away!

Up, Up and Away!

By Will Doughty

The BGB Studio’s Will Doughty is jumping without a safety net. And so should you.

Blacking out during flight was a hidden fact to a 4-year-old Superman. As I awoke from my superhero flight, my blurred vision revealed I was back inside my house, cape strewn on the floor. One Zips sneaker on my foot and my Mother’s panicked face finally taking in a breath. My sister was red from tears. And me? I was unharmed. Not a broken bone, not a scratch. I had executed my Superman flight form so flawlessly that I had bounced on the hard pavement of the driveway and knocked the wind out of me.  The squirrels, who mocked me earlier and were the target of my attack, had scurried from the bird bath. The shrieking wind that deafened me as I leapt off the wall was not the roaring air in my ears, but my sister’s death scream that halted all life in a 1/4 mile radius. I believed with all my heart and soul that I could fly. This was my first immersion into the power of imagination.

I never wanted to lose that feeling. That moment when I decided I was going to fly across the driveway and then took action. No thinking. Acting.  I have been fighting all my life to get back to that fearless place where I abandoned any ounce of personal safety to achieve the imagined world I had created. My devotion and commitment to that moment could not be contended with, even by Brando or DeNiro. I had so fully enveloped myself into an imaginary world that I lived and breathed the truth. I was Superman. My mind created this truth and my body took its shape. The only thing I did not factor was gravity. But like most artists, I believe we all have it in our hearts to defy even that. We can transform the world with our existence, imagination, and expression. I can change the world around me with my complete investment into a moment.

I have devoted my life to growing and harnessing my imagination. Improv has been my playground and gym. When my imagination is sharp and vivid, my actions are not ruled by a monitoring mind of right and wrong. It is open and willing to follow the truth that is being created right in front of me. I become emotionally engaged in the raw, bare, vulnerable moment. Trusting wherever IT is taking me. This is the moment that I seek to consistently achieve. The trust in my own imagination to let me get consumed by it. Lost. Not quite myself, and yet more than myself in some way. Releasing the reins and letting my instincts drive me through a scene. Trusting the feeling of being taken over by my imaginative self. I am more than mere mortal. I can take on anything. “Up, up and away!”

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