The Audition Revolution Vancouver

with Steve Braun


The BGB Studio is coming to VANCOUVER!

The BGB Studio’s Audition Revolution Weekend with Steve Braun will turn what you think about auditioning on its head. Three days of mind-altering work will blur the lines between your creative fire and the often paralyzing confines of the audition process

Using The BGB Studio’s signature blend of Meisner exercises, on-camera audition technique and Buddhist mindfulness, Steve ignites your talent, and gives you the tools to bring the full power of your artistry to every audition.

The Details

Teacher:  Steve Braun


Time:  TBD

Ideal for:  Experienced, working actors with an open heart. By application or invitation.

Location: TBD

Cost:  TBD. (Cancellation Policy)

We get it. Your rent, your car payments, and the very invalidation of your life choices are at stake every audition.

It’s an emotionally violent industry. And left unchecked, the gut-punch of bad feedback or the deafening silence of no feedback perpetuate FEAR.  You start to turn on your own talent, doubt the power of your deepest instincts. You start to stray from the very thing that books work.

It makes you afraid of the audition and prevents you from investing emotionally in it, as you expect to be disappointed.  Your work begins to narrow and your artistry eventually dies.


You must revolutionize your approach to the entire audition process. You must become an Audition Leader, always doing the work of loving the work, always discovering and expressing what is profoundly unique about you, elevating the audition material to the level of unique humanity.

The Audition Revolution VANCOUVER
Why Actors Love Steve Braun



Anna Silk

I cannot express enough the difference Steve's class has made in my abilities as an actor and the impact it has had on my life. Thank you Steve, from the bottom of my heart.
Simon Quarterman

The BGB Studio has had a profound effect, not only in my work but in my life. It’s been quite frankly life-changing.
Aisha Alfa

Class with Steve is finding out how to truly just BE. It’s from that spot that you feel comfortable enough to take risks and speak lines from the heart; it’s how beautiful acting comes out naturally! This has helped me in life, as well as in my ability to be a more truthful actor.
Daniella Alonso

Training with Steve at BGB absolutely changed my career. He gives me the practical tools and the confidence to book work. His insight, intuition, and passion for the actor’s process make working with him invaluable.

There’s no bullshit with Steve. His approach to the work is straightforward and invigorating. I never want class to end.

Your Teacher

What We’ll Cover

The Work that BOOKS work

You’ll learn you to do the kind of work that books work. And it may not be what you think.

Audition Presence

You’ll be given the tools to push past audition nerves and uncertainty, and discover a new kind of success.

On-Camera Mastery

You’ll find out how to work boldly and confidently on-camera for auditions, self-tapes and more.

The BGB Studio’s Audition Revolution VANCOUVER offers you a transformational 3-day weekend of career-changing audition work, along with champion-level skills that let you manage the paralyzing anxiety, fear, and doubt that may be holding you back. This approach has revolutionized auditioning and helped hundreds of actors find their ease, presence, power, and joy in the audition process.

It’s time for you to bring the full force of your unique talent into the audition room.

Everything changes the moment you apply.

Space is extremely limited.

This weekend will sell out.

You deserve to audition with POWER

It’s time to do the kind of work you’re capable of. All the time.

It’s time to be the disruptive force that gets the Industry to pay attention!