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The Audition Revolution Weekend

The BGB NY Audition Revolution


The Atlanta Audition Revolution

LA’s top industry and audition experts are bringing our career-changing training to Atlanta.

Be part of a transformational day of career-changing audition work. Risa Bramon Garcia, Steve Braun, Corey Parker, and Hayes Mercure have revolutionized auditioning and helped hundreds of actors find their ease, presence, power, and joy in the audition process. It’s time for you to bring the full force of your unique talent into the audition room, to your self-tapes, and in all the work you do. It’s time to claim your place in the Industry.

No matter where you are in your career, now is the time to do the work that books work.


The Working Actor

It’s a new day. It’s 2018 and what it means to be an actor has changed. Success in this business requires razor-sharp chops, a dynamic set of artistic skills and the ability to be a self-starting creator. Actors who don’t embrace that get left behind.

The Working Actor with L. Trey Wilson will empower you to create….on set, on stage, in the audition, in your living room, with an agent, without an agent, anywhere, anytime, anyway. This cutting edge ongoing acting class weaves championship acting training with writing, creating and performing.  This is the class for this time and place. This is the class that pushes back against the old power structures of the industry where an actor knows her place. This is the class that doesn’t accept that an actor should wait for permission. If you’re an actor right now, this is your dynamic, full-body ongoing workout class.


Writing For Actors

Are you tired of waiting for the industry to come to you? Constantly feel like you can’t be seen for the roles you are right for? Now is the time to take control of your career, expand the scope of your artistry, and forge your own career by creating your own work.

The role of the actor starts the day you arrive on set and concludes when you finish shooting. But there is a much richer, more collaborative, creative world out there that actors can be a part of if they just start exploring the creation and execution of their own content. Writing for Actors opens the door to that world: Come learn how to be an actor who creates work.

It’s time to actualize your creative ideas and dive into the process of writing.


Meet Risa and Steve at the Studio

Once a month Risa and Steve offer an opportunity for you to come by the studio, sit down with them, and find out more about the amazing work going on at The BGB Studio. Join us!