with Risa Bramon Garcia and Hayes Mercure

Are you able to walk into the audition room and onto set with ease, confidence, and championship-level skills, being fully YOURSELF? Are you finding deep emotional connection in your work? Are you showing up in your auditions and self-tapes with all cylinders firing? Are you bringing artistic leadership to all aspects of your career? If not… this is your class.

The BGB Studio’s Atlanta Audition Revolution Weekend with Risa Bramon Garcia and Hayes Mercure offers hard-core practical audition practice- an approach to your audition scenes that separates you from the pack- and champion-level skills that allow you to walk into any room, onto any stage or set, and boldly offer your talent with confidence, collaboration, and generosity.

No matter where you are in your career, now is the time to do the work that books work. Join us for a transformational weekend in Atlanta!

The Details

Dates and Times

Friday, June 19, 6pm – 8:30pm.

Saturday, June 20, 2pm – 6pm.

Sunday, June 21, 10 – 2pm.

Teachers:  Risa Bramon Garcia + Hayes Mercure

Ideal for:  Actors with an open heart and mind. By application or invitation.

Location:  Nova House. 12800A North Druid Hills NE, Atlanta, GA 30329

Cost:  $325 for the entire weekend.  (Cancellation Policy)

We get it. Your rent, your car payments, and the very invalidation of your life choices are at stake every audition. You’re sending dozens of self-tapes in without knowing if anyone watched. It can be frustrating and disheartening.

It’s an emotionally violent industry. And left unchecked, the gut-punch of bad feedback or the deafening silence of no feedback perpetuate FEAR.  You start to turn on your own talent, doubt the power of your deepest instincts. You start to stray from the very thing that books work.

It makes you afraid of the audition or ambivalent about the self-tape, and prevents you from investing emotionally in it, as you expect to be disappointed.  Your work begins to narrow and your artistry eventually dies.


You must revolutionize your approach to the entire audition process. You must become a leader in everything you offer the Industry, always doing the work of loving the work, always discovering and expressing what is profoundly unique about you, elevating audition material to the level of unique humanity.

Your Teachers



What We’ll Cover

The Industry

Risa will demystify the casting process and the Industry.

The Work that BOOKS work

You’ll learn you to do the kind of work that books work. And it may not be what you think.

Audition Presence

You’ll be given the tools to push past nerves and uncertainty and discover a new kind of success.

On-Camera Mastery

You’ll figure out how to work boldly and confidently on-camera.

The Self-Tape

Risa will shift your beliefs in how to master the self-tape so you can book jobs from 2500 miles away. You’ll get all our self-tape materials.

The BGB Studio’s Atlanta Audition Revolution Weekend offers you a transformational 3-day experience of career-changing work, along with champion-level skills that let you manage the paralyzing anxiety, fear, and doubt that may be holding you back. This approach has revolutionized auditioning and helped hundreds of actors find their ease, presence, power, and joy in the audition process.

It’s time for you to bring the full force of your unique talent into the audition room.

Everything changes the moment you apply.

Space is extremely limited.

This weekend will sell out.

You deserve to audition with POWER

It’s time to do the kind of work you’re capable of. All the time.

It’s time to be the disruptive force that gets the Industry to pay attention!