The BGB Studio is coming to New York!

Risa Bramon Garcia & Steve Braun are bringing The Audition Revolution to NYC!


To book work, you must let go and let your unique artistry propel you into the room like a conquering hero. Questions like, “what do I wear?”  “where do I look?” “should I sit or should I stand?” are the questions of an amateur. Champions let the work affect them, have a strong point of view, and make bold choices that are guided by their well-tuned instincts. And after doing that work, they walk in the room and boldly offer their work with confidence, collaboration, and generosity.

The BGB Studio’s NY Audition Revolution offers hard-core practical audition advice, an approach to your audition scenes that separates you from the pack, and champion-level skills that let you manage the paralyzing anxiety that holds you back.

No matter where you are in your career, now is the time to do the work that books work. Join Risa Bramon Garcia (acclaimed Casting Director, Director, and Master Teacher) and Steve Braun (Master Coach, Teacher, Martial Artist, and Mindfulness expert) for a transformational day in NY!

This all-day class is not an audition or employment opportunity and there is no suggestion or guarantee of an audition or employment as a result of taking this class.

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The Revolution BEGINS

And it starts with you.

We get it. Your rent, your health insurance, and the very invalidation of your life choices are at stake every audition. And left unchecked, the gut-punch of bad feedback or the deafening silence or indifference start to make you stray from what books work. It makes you fear the audition and expect to be disappointed.  Your work begins to narrow and your artistry eventually dies.

So you must push back.

Be part of a transformational day of career-changing audition work. Risa and Steve have revolutionized auditioning and helped hundreds of actors find their ease, presence, power, and joy in the audition process. It’s time for you to bring the full force of your unique talent into the audition room.

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The Details

Questions: CALL OR EMAIL THE BGB STUDIO ONLY: 818-755-9500 /
Location: TELSEY + COMPANY, 1501 Broadway, Suite 510, NY, NY 10036 (DO NOT CALL OR CONTACT DIRECTLY.)
Ideal for: BY APPLICATION ONLY. Advanced Class Saturday for advanced working actors only. Sunday for everyone! (CANCELLATION POLICY)

What We’ll Cover:

What Books Work

We’ll show you the kind of work that books work. And it may not be what you think.

Audition Presence

We’ll give you the tools to push past Audition room nerves and find success.


We’ll show you how to translate your amazing stage work to the camera.

The Self Tape

We’ll tell you how to master the self-tape so you can book jobs from 2500 miles away. 

The Industry

We’ll demystify the casting process and the Industry.

Join the revolution!

Email for more info on upcoming workshops.

Your Guides

Risa Bramon Garcia

For the past 35 years Risa has collaborated with the most groundbreaking artists in the world. She’s worked as a director, producer, casting director, and teacher. Having directed two feature films, “200 Cigarettes” and “The Con Artist,” in Canada, she has also directed for television and dozens of plays in New York & Los Angeles.

Her casting résumé includes more than 100 feature films, TV shows, & plays, including movies such as “Something Wild,” Desperately Seeking Susan,” “Angel Heart,” “Fatal Attraction,” “Jacob’s Ladder,” “Born on the Fourth of July,” “JFK,” “The Joy Luck Club,” “True Romance,” “Speed,” “Talk Radio,” and “Flirting With Disaster,” as well as serving as a producer on Oliver Stone’s “Natural Born Killers,” and “The Doors,” which she also cast. She’s cast numerous TV shows, including “Roseanne,” “Masters of Sex,” and more.

Risa has found a deep love of teaching and is privileged to return to her NY roots to work with NY talent as often as possible.

Steve Braun

Steve Braun is an acting coach and communication consultant, drawing on many years of acting training, Buddhist practice and martial arts training to help his clients discover and express their unique emotional truth. He has trained in both acting and martial arts for 20 years, a journey that has taken him from the ego-driven external pursuit of being rich, famous and tough to the powerful internal pursuit of conquering self through Meditation, Qi Gong and art. Steve has spent the last 9 years training with an ordained Shaolin Monk, Shifu Shi Yan Fan.

While pursuing an acting career Steve starred in movies such as HAROLD AND KUMAR GO TO WHITE CASTLE, WRONG TURN 2 and THE TRIP, was a series regular on THE IMMORTAL and TWINS. He guest starred on CSI: MIAMI, CSI: NY, BONES, GILMORE GIRLS, THE CLOSER, NCIS, and THE MENTALIST, among others. His coaching and teaching clients include lead and recurring actors from THE NEWSROOM, TRANSPARENT, NARCOS, MAD MEN, HOMELAND, DEXTER, TRUE BLOOD, THE BLACK LIST, CSI, etc, etc.

What Our Actors Are Saying

You deserve to audition with POWER

It’s time to do the kind of work you’re capable of. Consistently. And to be the disruptive force that gets the Industry- in NY + LA- to pay attention!