Young Story Tellers: BGB Actors in Community

Young Story Tellers: BGB Actors in Community

By BGB Studio

IMG_4407Every Friday, BGB actors partner with 5th graders at a LAUSD public school to play and develop scripts through Young Storytellers. This 10 week collaboration concludes with a wild stage performance of students’ stories for which our actors auditioned for their fifth grader writers. The writers cast their scripts and watched their work come to life. So much fun happened from script to stage with these talented, ambitious, and energetic students! We can’t wait for next semester.

Here is what some of our Mentors and Mentees had to say about their experience:

IMG_4406“They think we’re coming in to help, but these kids have no idea what they’re doing for us! I love Young Storytellers. The creativity, the openness, the fun and bravery in all the writers remind me of how important this work is. I love working with my writer because she teaches me simple, honest, and moving storytelling. I can’t wait for her to see her script performed on stage.” – Nancy Ma, BGB actor

“My favorite part was that I got to work with Nancy and it was really fun and everyone was nice.” -Sandy ( Age 10 )

IMG_4402“I have way too much fun every week with the YS group. It’s so cool to see the kids really open up to us. We write, we play games, we learn, and they get to create their own original story from a blank page! I love being their cheerleader in that! It’s so rewarding and something I won’t forget! What a special experience YS puts together. Thank you for getting me involved, BGB!” – Tessa Rae, BGB actor

“We get to be with our mentors and meet new people and I know the mentors are wonderful people and I get to make new friends.” -Erick ( Age 10)

IMG_4395“It’s been a magical experience to see their imaginations run wild. No limitations. I don’t think we as actors – or even as adults – let ourselves do that. And I think therefore our choices in the work and in life are limited. Each time I sit with my mentee/writer I soak up more of his viewpoint of infinite possibilities in ways to tell a story. And I happily become more of a child! – Felipe Figueroa, BGB actor

“I love Young Storytellers. They make you laugh and it’s awesome and it’s fun.” -Keven (Age 10)

IMG_4379“Mentoring for YS is such a joyous experience! The kids are so imaginative and their enthusiasm is contagious. Helping them craft their amazing stories has been inspiring for me, and I’m thrilled to be a part of such a creatively nurturing program. It’s the highlight of my week.” – Julianne Dowler, BGB actor

” I loved writing my story with my mentor Michael (BGB). We had a lot of ideas and he made me a bracelet.” -Flor ( Age 10)



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