BGB 4 Week Zoom Classes

4 Week Online Classes to revolutionize your auditions & work forever!

The Perfect Self-Tape w/ Risa Bramon Garcia

Tuesdays, April 14 – May 5.  4 weeks.

Join Risa via Zoom for 4 weeks of self-tape insight, feedback, and practice.  Be the actor who knows how to show up on camera with presence, with ease, with power, fully dropped into the story, all cylinders firing.  Be the actor who books work consistently off of your self-tapes.

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The Down and Dirty Audition Workshop w/ Sydney Wash

Tuesdays, April 21 – May 12.  4 weeks.

Join Sydney Walsh via Zoom for 4 weekly sessions that introduce a new kind of intimacy and authenticity in your auditions.  It’s dynamic. It’s deep.  It’s real.  It’s down and dirty in the most fun and honest way.  And it offers the kind of truthful, present work you need to bring into every audition.

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Bring It — Audition Prep & Practice w/ Shane Connor

Thursdays, April 30 – May 21.  4 weeks.

Join Shane Connor via Zoom for 4 weekly sessions that offer you a process with which to revolutionize your audition preparation and practice- in an intimate virtual space- giving you the tools to bring the most valuable thing you have to offer into the room (or on a self-tape): YOU.

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Page One: Mastering the Blank Page

Tuesdays, April 28 – May 19.  4 weeks.

Join Dominic Burgess via Zoom for 4 weekly sessions that offer you LIVE writing exercises, plus the tools and motivation you need to get started or continue in your writing. Take the plunge!  Join Dom for 4 weeks of writing instruction and inspiration!

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