Bring It – with Shane Connor

Expanding Your Audition Prep & Practice

Online Class Details

Teacher:  Shane Connor

Dates:  Thursdays, April 30 – May 21.  4 weeks.

Time:  5pm – 8pm Pacific Time.  Online.

Ideal for:  Actors looking to crack open their audition work.  By application or invitation. No prerequisite to observe.  There are no make-ups for this 4-week online class. (Cancellation Policy.)

Cost:  $279 to participate in the work.  $149 to participate as an observer. 

Where:  Online via Zoom.  Download Zoom for free HERE.

Bring It — with award-winning actor and BGB Master Teacher Shane Connor offers you a process with which to revolutionize your audition preparation and practice- in an intimate virtual space- giving you the tools to push past uncertainty and self-consciousness, and making sure you bring the most valuable thing you have to offer into the room (or on a self-tape): YOU.

Over the course of these 4 weeks, LIVE online, Shane will guide you to hone in on your authentic voice and all the power YOU hold. You’ll explore the work right from where YOU are now, and acquire practical tools to bring your boldest, truest, most joyful self to your auditions and self-tapes. And do it in a new, intimate online classroom where the work is proving to be deeply personal, authentic, and present. It’s the kind of work that will change the way you audition- and work- forever. It’s what our new reality offers, and we’re embracing it fully!

from Shane: Ok, this is the world, as we know it now. With every problem is opportunity.  Over 4 weeks- in a LIVE virtual classroom- we will look at what has been working for you, enhance that, add to it, and then in a practical, no-bullshit way, look at what hasn’t been working for you. We WILL deal with that, and give you practical, pragmatic, honest solutions, so that whether in the room or self-taping, you bring… you. This is my commitment to you.

Your Teachers

The Work

Each week you’ll work in the Virtual space online, akin to working on camera. The work will be taped and the link sent to you for your PRIVATE review.  You will bring in material to work on and find, with Shane, what is working and what isn’t, and get that to work!

As a participant you will get to do the work LIVE with a partner and with input and coaching from Shane.  You will engage with Shane and your fellow Actors in real time.  As an observer you will get to watch and take notes, as well as ask questions in the Zoom chat.

This class is not an audition or employment opportunity and there is no suggestion or guarantee of an audition or employment as a result of taking this class.

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Bring the power of YOU to your auditions.