The Down & Dirty Audition Workshop

For 4 Weeks. Let’s ZOOM ZOOM!

Online Class Details

Teacher:  Sydney Walsh

Dates:  Wednesdays, July 22 – August 12.  4 weeks.

Time:  11am – 2pm Pacific Time. Online.

Ideal for:  Actors looking to deepen their audition work.  By application or invitation.  No prerequisite to observe.  **There are no makeups, refunds, substitutes, transfers, or deferments for any classes.** (Cancellation Policy.)

Cost:  $279 to participate in the work.  $149 to participate as an observer. 

Where:  Online via Zoom.  Download Zoom for free HERE.


Zoom makes EVERYTHING possible.

We’re communicating in a virtual space.  We’re showing up for and with each other on camera and via Zoom.  We’re finding a new kind of intimacy and authenticity in this new arena.  It’s dynamic. It’s deep.  It’s real.  It’s down and dirty in the most fun and honest way.  And it offers the kind of truthful, present work you need to bring to every audition and self-tape.

Sydney Walsh is committed to taking you there.  Sydney brings her extensive, real-world experience as a working actor, director, teacher, and coach- along with her deep love of the work, of deep human connection, and of bold storytelling- to each class.  She creates a revitalizing and safe space- in the virtual classroom- in which you get to re-forge a connection to your authentic voice and to the specifics of the story and relationships in any scene.

Here’s what that will look like for this 4-week LIVE Online workshop:

Week One- Cold Read to Strengthen Audition and Script Reading Skills.

Practicing Presence with-

Quick Script breakdown and Making Choices NOW.

Trusting instincts and impulses to create who you are in real time- and…

the simple doable actions that make work vital to you and your partner…


Being in a real place, a real relationship, and a deep, sustained CONNECTION.


Week Two- Making it all like SHAKESPEARE.

You are going to get some crappy, uninspired, material.

Work with Challenging Material- because it doesn’t feel like you, because you don’t get it, because you don’t like it… because the writing is BAD….bla bla bla …

Embrace your circumstances and bring yourself PLUS- to the work.

Interpretation and Presence and Authenticity.

Material that challenges you to create characters unlike yourself and helps you to embrace it all…

So that you can find out what you’re pushing away- that is usually GOLD.


Week Three -Seriously fun shows you want to work on- Top Tier Cable Show Material. As a SELF-TAPE!


You got Called Back.

And more importantly…

It wasn’t a fluke.

You are now an actor who gets called back….You’re the call back-kid.

Take the ball and run with it…

How to sustain the kind of work that deserves a call back and a BOOKING every time…

Over time… and forever.



Week Four- Big Roles / Big Actors.

Material that brings out LEADERS.

The Leader is YOU.

That’s right… you.

Right now.

Taking the Lead.

They love you.

You are the producers’ first choice.

You are up for the lead going to network… The contract is negotiated in advance…


So… Now… You must lead.



As an everyday creative lifestyle choice…


Come to these 4 weeks to connect, to get intimate, honest, and personal.  It’s what your auditions require.  Be in this new, powerful practice that will change your auditions and your work forever!


Your Teachers

The Work

Each week you’ll work in the virtual space online via Zoom, on camera, along with a self-tape unit. The work will be taped and the link sent to you for your PRIVATE review.  Material will be brought in by you for 3 of the classes and Sydney will provide material for the other class.

As a participant you will get to do the work LIVE with a partner and with input and coaching from Sydney.  You will engage with Sydney and your fellow actors in real time.  As an observer you will get to watch and take notes, as well as ask questions in the Zoom chat.

This class is not an audition or employment opportunity and there is no suggestion or guarantee of an audition or employment as a result of taking this class.

Actor Appreciations

It’s time to get down and dirty with your auditions.