Page One: Mastering the Blank Page

Sharpen your voice. Write your story.

Class Details

Teacher: Dominic Burgess

Dates:  Tuesdays, May 26 – June 16.

Time:  5:30-8:30pm, Pacific Time.  Online.

Ideal for:  For actors who want to dive into writing or sharpen their writing skills.  All welcome!  **There are no makeups, refunds, substitutes, transfers, or deferments for any classes.** (Cancellation Policy.)

Cost: $279 to participate in the work.  $149 to participate as an observer.

Where: Online via Zoom.  Download Zoom for free HERE.

“… no, no, no, I’m an actor, not a writer, I don’t know how to do that.”

But you do.

We’re actors… storytellers.  We’re inherently invested in rich narratives and compelling characters, and as actors, we all have our own ideas and stories to tell; golden nuggets that live in areas of our consciousness that you keep coming back to… “That would make a great film,” you tell yourself, but it’s just an idea…  How do you start?  Where would you even begin?

Right here.

Welcome to Page One: Mastering the Blank Page.  A LIVE, Online ZOOM class that will give you the tools you need- to go from the daunting, blinking cursor on a blank page to a fully formed scene, short, or forming the basis for larger works, like feature films or series.

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to write a short or feature, or maybe you’ve already started and are looking a way to sharpen your writing voice; to make your characters clearer, to make the themes sharper, to find your beginning, middle and end.  Page One: Mastering the Blank Page is your launchpad to do all that.

Through this 4-week online class, Dominic Burgess will guide you through LIVE writing exercises, and provide the tools you need to get started… or motivate you to continue in your writing.  As well as the LIVE online weekly classes, you’ll also be given daily writing prompts to help enhance your creative toolbox.

Dominic has been a nonstop working actor, writer, and filmmaker, and knows how to fully actualize an idea, a character, and a story, and teach it to you in a way that is practical and motivating.  Take the plunge!  Join Dom for 4 weeks of writing instruction and inspiration!


The Actor as Storyteller

As actors, you already have an upper hand when it comes to writing. Writing gives you the opportunity to step into EVERY character’s shoes. You know characters. You bring yourself to the role.  You know the fundamentals about what characters want, why they want it, and what happens if they don’t get it.

Together with Dominic, you’ll build rich, dynamic work and an array of skills that you can bring to any script.

You have the time, you have the desire.  Now take that step you’ve been dreaming of.  Jump in with Dominic and a group of fellow creators and finally WRITE (or finish) your story.

Spots are limited, so grab yours!

Your Teacher

The Work We Do

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This class is not an audition or employment opportunity and there is no suggestion or guarantee of an audition or employment as a result of taking this class.

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It’s Time To Lead.

It’s time to finally take that idea and write it!