Sydney Walsh is an actor, director, teacher, and private coach, with television, film, and theatre credits dating back to 1985. She has contributed to multiple theatre companies, including Plymouth (founding member, c. 1998), and has trained actors of all ages, including as a faculty member and primary instructor at The Acting Corp from 2006-2018. Her directing credits have taken her to the LA Fringe, and she is looking forward to an upcoming adaptation of THE SEAGULL at The South Pasadena Theatre Workshop.

As an actor, Sydney has enjoyed a long, continuous career, with favorite credits that include HOOPERMAN (series regular), the original POINT BREAK, VIETNAM WAR STORIES on HBO (for which she was an Ace Award Winner for best supporting actress), CHEERLEADER MURDERS, NIP/TUCK, ER, and the list goes on.

Sydney’s gifts as a teacher draw on her extensive experience working on stage, in front of the camera, and as a director. It is her joy and mission to share the tools and insights she’s gained in order to train, prepare, and direct actors in the service of practicing their craft, boldly interpreting material, and creating a safe and wonderfully challenging container for the work. She loves to teach and we are privileged to have her join us as a Master Teacher at The BGB Studio.

A full list of her acting credits can be seen on IMDb.  

Explore Sydney’s classes: The Audition/Self-Tape Prep & Practice 1, The Ongoing On-Camera Workout, The Scene Study Lab + The New Work.

Taking a class with Sydney is not an audition or employment opportunity and there is no suggestion or guarantee of an audition or employment as a result of taking her classes.

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