The On-Camera Lab with Corey Parker

Unleash Your Audition Power!

Class Details

Teacher:  Corey Parker

Dates:  Tuesdays, 10:30am-1:30pm. Starting August 18th, and continuing weekly in an ongoing practice.

Commitment:  This is a weekly ongoing class that meets 4x per month, every month, on Zoom. (except for August, which meets 2x)

Ideal for: Commited actors interested in securing a strong foundation in their on-camera and audition work in a consistent, long-term artistic practice on Zoom. By application or invitation. (Makeup + Cancellation Policy)

Cost:  $225 US/month for four classes per month (our current reduced rate.)

Where: Online via Zoom. (This class will always meet online.)

We have to embrace it: the Industry will never be the same.

However, you have a unique opportunity right now to be inside (and ahead of) the change that is happening- as creative people get ready for a new way of working. During the best of times, auditioning and working on-camera can feel daunting. Add in a global pandemic and the Industry grinding to a halt, and you may be feeling like your career will never be the same.

You’re right.

It won’t be. Zoom is now the actor’s professional home! Now is the time for your craft and your audition practice to evolve. We know that to book work you must let your unique artistry propel you into your self-tape like a conquering hero. Corey is committed to guiding you to your creative and professional potential in this new industry landscape, coaching you toward authenticity, specificity, and confidence.

Corey’s been at this awhile, and he’s dedicated to a process in which you learn to pivot in this new direction the Industry is calling for by letting go of old habits and trusting more than ever your authentic creative instincts. You are valuable as an actor, but practice is the path forward. In this class you will practice it all… on-camera!

Be ready for whatever the Industry will throw at you and take your work to the next level. The On-Camera Lab is open to actors from all over the world who make the choice to engage in this weekly workout- on Zoom. This is your committed, continued training, a touchstone every week to develop and practice the on-camera mastery necessary to book work and grow as an artist.


Thrive in the power of your weekly practice.

This is an ongoing on-camera class in which you get to expand beyond any perceived limitations, master this new technology of Zoom auditions and Self-Tapes, deepen your craft, dig into text and character, and get your instrument into its best shape ever. Under Corey’s passionate leadership, your on-camera work is anchored in the power of your weekly practice.

From preparation to scene analysis to ways in which to master your self-tape, you’ll engage in an immersive on-camera workout to sharpen your acting instrument to a fine point, so that you can perform at your absolute best, no matter the medium.

Everything changes the moment you apply.

Limited enrollment.

This class will sell out quickly.

Your Teachers

The Work

Once you dive into this unique practice with Corey, working in this virtual realm and all it has to offer, you will discover and own a new way of working forever.

Each week you will engage in scripted material, working with: audition-specific material, monologues, TV and film scripts, and eventually plays. Some of it you’ll bring in, some will be provided for you, some you can find in our BGB dropbox Library as an ongoing BGB actor. You’ll even write your own material. Yes, you can!

You’ll practice:

  • Shifting your relationship with the camera so that you are working with it, not for it.
  • Developing an authentic creative relationship with Zoom auditions.
  • Taking ownership of scene material
  • Creating from a place of specificity and confidence.
  • Mastering the self-tape: from the moment you receive material to the moment you submit it
  • Collaborating with a group of dedicated, talented actors.

This class is not an audition or employment opportunity and there is no suggestion or guarantee of an audition or employment as a result of taking this class.

Actor Appreciations

Return to your artistry no matter what.

Take your superpower as an actor and bring it to the new Industry model.