The Scene-Study Lab

with Sydney Walsh

Dig deep into the work, every week.

Class Details

Teacher: Sydney Walsh

Dates: Thursdays, 7pm – 10pm. Starting May 7, and continuing in an ongoing practice.

Commitment: This is a weekly ongoing class that meets 4x per month, every month.

Ideal for: Experienced actors looking to deepen their relationship to process and preparation. By application or invitation only. (Makeup + Cancellation Policy)

Cost: $275/month for four classes per month.

You get good at what you practice.

The Scene-Study Lab with Sydney Walsh strengthens the essential skills of interpretation and preparation for any audition or performance. Building and authentically inhabiting dynamic, living characters is your job as an actor. This class gives voice and structure to the often unseen creative work that goes into fully embodying a character within a larger story. Physicality, the life and rhythm of a character, and your unique point of view come together to organically and playfully craft a one-of-a kind-portrayal grounded in discipline and your relationship to the source material.

Sydney brings her extensive, real-world experience as a working actor, director, teacher, and private coach- along with her deep love of the work, characters, and storytelling- to each class. She creates a revitalizing and safe space in which you get to re-forge a connection to your authentic self, to your humanity, and to the story. Here you get to practice what you love with mindfulness, heart, and dedication every week.


Sydney’s gifts as a teacher draw on her extensive experience working on stage, in front of the camera, and as a director. It is her joy and mission to share the tools and insights she’s gained in order to train, prepare, and direct actors in the service of practicing their craft, boldly interpreting material, and creating a safe and wonderfully challenging container for the work.

The Scene-Study Lab is the place to experiment, take risks, dive deep in finding the most meaningful connection to the work, and achieve greatness through practice every week, off and on camera.

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The Work

You will work off and on camera on material from plays, film and television scripts, as well as original material.

Often you will work collectively from common source material, either by genre or author- from plays, films, and series. Sometimes you’ll work on original material, and each month you’ll take the work on camera- after exploring a genre, playwright, screenwriter, or your own work- to see how it shifts and evolves. There will be individual assignments outside of class time for scene preparation, and learning new, deeper, enjoyable ways to prepare character and material. And then bring that to the studio space to find the depth and heights of the story together. You’ll be on-camera once a month, with the other three classes focusing solely on your craft and process. 

This class is for actors looking for an in-depth weekly exploration of how to make any material truly active and any character fully embodied.

This class is not an audition or employment opportunity and there is no suggestion or guarantee of an audition or employment as a result of taking this class.

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Achieve greatness through practice every week.

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