The Acting Podcast

with Risa Bramon Garcia & Steve Braun

By taking you inside the craft, the casting room, and the business- and bringing other Industry experts into the conversation- we really dig in, pull back the curtain of the Industry, and show you how much power you really have as an artist. 

Ep. 2: Choose Your Own Adventure: An Artistic Roadmap

Creating your own path as an artist in this industry – on your own terms – is a vital part of any actor’s journey. In this episode, Risa and Steve talk about their own personal journeys and career challenges, including the story of how they came together, creating The BGB Studio, and how their artistic struggles – both individually and as a team – have defined a path of unique and surprising fulfillment.

Their stories serve as a vital reminder that growth and transformation are not only necessary components to any artistic pathway, they are the very things that expand each of us.

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Ep. 1: How to Make It in Hollywood

In this episode, Risa Bramon Garcia and Steve Braun explore the deeper meaning of success and discuss how to approach your career from a place of artistry, collaboration, creativity, and discipline.

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